Heal versus Cure

Gemstones may benefit your mental and physical wellness, but please do not depend on gemstones to cure a medical condition.

I urge you to seek appropriate professional care if you have symptoms of illness.

The phrase “Healing Gemstones,” has become quite popular recently.

Gemstones and precious metals have been used to promote healing throughout the ages. I have personally experienced powerful effects from using gemstones and I continue to use them in my daily activities.

However, I want to make it clear that gemstones should be used in the MAINTENANCE of health. My own opinion is that gemstones can help us become more healthy, perhaps by gently aligning our inner energy patterns, which moves us towards wellness.

While history gives us many anecdotal stories of gemstones being used in healing, scientific research has not proved (nor has it disproved) the effects of gemstones on the human body.

Gemstones may indeed have a powerful influence on us. Perhaps in the future, researchers will discover that gemstones affect our energy fields. Or possibly they will find that minerals absorb into the skin in miniscule amounts, like low-dose vitamin supplements. At present, no one knows precisely how (or if) gemstones are associated with health.

Gemstones should never be thought of as a substitute for proper medical care.

I do not suggest or imply that gemstones will cure disease or heal any condition.

I strongly urge you to seek qualified medical attention if you are experiencing symptoms of illness or physical problems.

-- Shere Chamness